XIV Moscow International


Choral Festival


(MICYCF - 2016)




Moscow International Children's- Youth choral festival “Moscow Sound” takes place once every two years. It is organised by “Radost”- Moscow’s foremost educational establishment for vocal/choral training and general musical/aesthetic education for the general public.

Thirteen previous festivals (November 1990, April 1992, February March 1994, April 1996, April 1998, March, April 2000, April-May 2002, April-May 2004, April May 2006, April-May 2008, April-May 2010, April-May 2012, April-May 2014) were enormously successful. Participants included associations from the USA, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, China, Hong Kong, the Bahamas, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus', Moldovia, Georgia, Armenia, Thailand, Serbia and other countries, s well as a number of Russian cities.

Today the festival “Moscow Sound” is the largest Russian youth choral forum, and it is famous far beyond the borders of the country. Its programme includes gala-concerts, soloists from participating associations in the best concert halls of Moscow, creative gatherings, open lessons and master-classes, scientific/practical conferences on the development of children's and youth choral creativity, and moulding of the vocal habits of young singers.


Within the festival we have:

  • the International competition of children's, youth, young choruses and vocal- choral ensembles (MICYCF - 2016);
  • International competitions for better performance of the works of orthodox and West European spiritual music (MICYSMF-2016)
  • the International competition of children's, youthful and youth folklore ensembles (MICYFFE-2016)
  • the International competition for conductors.


The judges of the competitions are famous Russian and foreign people of culture and the arts, composers, and choral conductors.

Culture and leisure programmes have been devised for the participants in the festival, including visits to exhibitions, museums, and the theatres of Moscow. There are various excursions to familiarise them with the history, the culture and the arts of the capital of Russia, including its sights and architectural monuments.

The founders of the Festival, consider that the organisation of this festival in Russia is in full accordance with the purposes and aims, proclaimed by the United Nations to the world, and they are confident that the Festival will enrich Russian culture on the basis of equality and mutual respect for the cultural traditions of countries and peoples of peace.


The organising committee of the Children’s Youth Choral Festival “Moscow Sound” invites children, young people, youth choruses, vocal- choral and folklore ensembles to all participate in the Festival, and it hopes that it will be a wonderful holiday of music, peace and friendship!


 1.  The aims and objectives of the Festival are to

  • make children's and youthful choral creation more popular.
  • support the activities of children's and youthful creative associations, and show their achievements at the international level
  • Train children and young people in tolerance, and respect for national cultures with friendliness, contact between equals.
  • study and capture by experiment, the basis for the creation of the best conditions for the fruitful creative work of specialists in the musical training of children and young people
  • Assist the revival of Russian national vocal traditions and culture, and the importance and meaning of the artistic values of Russian choral culture and the traditions of its people.
  • To showcase the culture, skill, and creativity of the Russian people within the international community
  • Assist international collaboration, aimed at developing the variety of cultural and national traditions of the participating countries.
  • give systematic and practical help to specialists who work with children and young people in the academic choral genre, and also in the sphere of people’s musical culture.



2. Festival Programme

On April 7, 2016

18.00 – Gala-Concert, dedicated to the opening of the Festival

The Hall of the Cathedral Church of Christ the Saviour


8-9 April 2016

Competitive hearings within the framework of the festival:

  • Chamber hall of the Moscow International House of Music (“Dom Myziki”);
  • Hall of the Cathedral Church of Christ the Saviour
  • The concert hall of the State Museum, named after A.S. Pushkin.

Concerts of Friendship of the Festival’s participating associations in the concert halls of Moscow.


On April 10, 2016

14.00 – Gala-Concert, dedicated to the closing of the festival

The Large Hall of  the Moscow State Conservatory, named after P.I. Tchaikovsky

17.00 - Closing conference with the leaders of the Festival’s participating associations - and summing up of the results, and awards ceremony.

The Concert Hall of musical-choral school – “Radost”



3. Participation in the festival

3.1 Participants in the Festival competitions are children's and amateur youth associations of academic and national performers.

3.2 Accommodation and nourishment of the Festival participants, transfers, and cultural program are organised at the expense of the arriving associations (see Section 10) or on the conditions established for the cultural exchange with one of the Moscow children's or youth choruses.

3.3The association can take part in the hearings of several competitive nominations.

3.4 Registration payments for participation in the Festival:

  • for foreign associations - participants - 100 Euros;
  • for associations from Russia  - 4000 rubles.

3.5 Registration of the associations for the participation in the XIV Children’s Youth Choral Festival “Moscow Sound” is open until March 1, 2016.

3.6 The organisation committee of the Festival reserves the rights on audio and video recording, photography, and also free use as far as audio, video- and the photographic materials of festival, including the transmission of competitive hearings and festival concerts on radio and the television.

3.7 The organising committee of MICYCF - 2016 is responsible for

  • the organisation of competition hearings, concerts, master- classes, and meetings;
  • the organisation of the conference on the results of the festival;
  • the preparation of advertising and the booklet of the Festival, posters, brochures, invitational tickets etc.
  • informational support of the Festival to the media.

3.8. In participating in the festival, the associations express their agreement with the conditions for conduct of the XV Children’s Youth Choral Festival “Moscow Sound”

3.9  To participate in the Gala-Concerts of the Festival the choruses of the Russian Federation must know the following works for joint performance:

  1. A. Aleksandrov, words S. Mikhalkova “Hymn of the Russian Federation” (The National Anthem) clavier  choral score
  2. A. Kalnynsh, words V. Purvs, Russian text O. Ulitinoy “Music”  clavier
  3. I.   Dunaevskiy, words M. Lisyanskogo “My Moscow” clavier  choral score
  4. D. L'vov -Kompaneets, words. V. Viktorova “”All children of the earth are friends” clavier  choral score
  5. A. Ostrovskiy, words. L. Oshanina “Let there always be sun” clavier  choral score
  6. B. Savelyev, words. A. Khayt “Large round-dance” clavier  choral score


4. Within the Festival of International Competition of children's, youthful and youth choruses and ensembles (MICYCF -2016)

4.1 In MICYCF – 2016 there are the following age categories:

  • CATEGORY A for children's choruses or ensembles of up to 18 years;
  • CATEGORY B for choruses or ensembles of boys (before their voices have broken);
  • CATEGORY C for uniform young and mixed choruses or ensembles: up to 21 year (youthful), and up to 28 years (youth);
  • CATEGORY D - for young and mixed choruses or ensembles: up to 21 year (youthful), and up to 28 years (youth);

4.2 The minimum number of singers in a chorus is 20 people, there can be more (without limitations); The number of participants in a vocal- choral ensemble shall be between 12 to 19 people.

4.3 Each association- participant is to fulfil a program, consisting of not more than four works, with a duration of not more than 12 minutes of clean sounding, and which must include the following compulsory items:

  1. One of two required works (for all categories, except category D) proposed:

H. Purcell “Sound of the of trumpet”  clavier  choral score

Y. Chichkov, words F. Tyutcheva “Clouds dissolve in the sky”; choral score

  1. A spiritual or classical composition;
  2. A composition by a contemporary author;
  3. A work of their own choosing.

One of the works must represent the country of the participating association

Not less than 50% time of the competitive program must be comprised of works without musical accompaniment (“a capella”).




5. Within MICYCF -2016, there is the Festival of International Competition of children's, youthful and youth choruses and ensembles (for better performance of Ortho dox and West European spiritual music (MICYSMF-2016 – Moscow International Children’s-Youth Choral Spiritual Music Festival)

 5.1 MICYSMF-2016 is conducted using the same age categories, as MICYCF - 2016 (see Section 4.1.)

5.2 The  numbers of participants of choruses and ensembles are the same (see Section 4.2.).

5.3 Russian association- participants of MICYSMF-2016 can additionally participate in the competition for better performance of West European spiritual music, but only after participating in the competition for better performance of orthodox music.

5.4 Each of two competitive hearings for programme performance shall be no more than 7 minutes of clean sounding.



6. Within MICYCF-2016, there is the Festival of International Competition of children's, youthful and youth folk ensembles (MICYFFE-2016)

6.1 The age categories:

  • CATEGORY A Children's collectives (age of participants not older than 18 years);
  • CATEGORY B Youthful associations (age of participants up to 21 year);
  • CATEGORY C Young associations (age of participants of up to 28 years).

6.2 MICYFFE-2016 “Moscow Sound” invites folklore ensembles, oriented upon the ethnographical, and stage rendition of song material, ensembles of folk song and dance, ensembles of small compositions (from 5 people), and soloists.

6.3.  The competitive program must include 3-4 songs of different genres and must not exceed 12 minutes of clean sounding. One or two works must be unaccompanied (“a cappella”).  It is desirable that the programme starts with 2-3 voice songs with the elements of variation, and the performance of song with motion. The programme can include  people games, poetic folklore, fragments of people’s rites and holidays, ritual compositions, everyday dances (such as quadrille, dance, round-dance).




7. Within MICYCF-2016, there is the Festival of International Competition of Conductors

7.1 In the competition there are participating the conductors and leaders of  choruses - participants in the International competition of children's, youthful and youth choruses and ensembles (MICYCF - 2016).

7.2 The Judges evaluate the level of the craftsmanship of the conductors during the competitive appearance of the participants conducted by them.


8. Within MICYCF-2016, there is the Internet competition (for participants who are unable to come)

8.1 Internet competition is conducted using the same age categories, as MICYCF - 2016 (see Section 4.1.)

8.2 The numbers of participants of choruses and ensembles are the same (see Section 4.2.)

8.3 The competitive program requirements are the same as MICYCF - 2016 (see Section 4.3.), MICYSMF-2016 (see Section 5.4.), MICYFFE-2016 (see Section 6.3.)

8.4 Competitive video must have the following requirements:

8.4.1 Conductor (or one of the chorus members) must say category and the name of the chorus before the performance of the competitive program

8.4.2 Participants post video performance work destined for the competitive audition on video service You Tube (



When you download videos on YouTube must specify:

in the " video name ":



-name of the collectives.

in the "Description":

-name of the competition - MICYCF 2016


-performed program;

-Full name of the leader.

8.4.3. Members of the chorus and the conductor must be visible on the video.

8.4.4. The competitive program is using in the form of competitive performance, allowed the use of microphones.

8.4.5. Stop video camera during the performance of the competition program is not permitted.

8.4.6. The video, which does not fit these requirements, will be returned to the party with a proposal to bring a new one that fit the conditions of competition.


8.5. Registration payments for participation Participation in Internet competition:

- foreign collective-participant does not pay the registration fee.

- for associations from Russia  - 1000 rubles.



9. Estimation of the competitive appearances

9.1 Competitions are conducted in the form of hearings in the presence of judges and public.

9.2 The competitive performances of the participating associations are evaluated by the international judges on a 10-point scale, with the following awards:

  • 10 marks – Grand Prize
  • from 9 to 9.9 - Laureate of the I degree;
  • from 8 to 8.9 - Laureate of the II degree
  • from 7 to 7.9 - Laureate of the III degree
  • from 6 to 6.9 - Diploma


9.3 The Jury reserves the right to award special prizes.

9.4 The decisions of the Jury are not subject to appeal.

9.5 Any disturbance of the regulations of the competition entails the loss of marks in assessing the performance of the participant association.




 10.     Order and the periods of the application documents

10.1 To participate in XIV MICYCF – 2016 “Moscow Sound” it necessary to fill in a on-line application on the website of the City Programme called “The children of Moscow sing”, stating the program of competitive performance and two works for the performance at the gala concert.

10.2 Send to the email of the festival the following

  1. completed registration form № 1 and the registration form № 2;
  2. the creative credentials of the association;
  3. the creative credentials of the leaders;
  4. the list of participants in the association together with the indication of the age of singers;
  5. a colour photograph of the association;
  6. a colour photograph of the leader;
  7. a hyperlink or reference to the place on the Internet of an audio or video recording of the association’s performance, made not earlier than 2015.


10.3  To participate in the competitive hearings it is necessary to also send 5 legible copies of each musical score to be used in the competitive programmes (as used for the direction of the choral associations).

10.4 The deadline to supply the documents, necessary for the participation in the competition, is March 1, 2016.

10.5. For participating in the Internet competition is necessary:

10.5.1. Fill in the online application form on the website of the city program "Sing children of Moscow"

10.5.2. Send to the e-mail of the festival:

  • The creative credentials of the association;
  • The creative credentials of the leaders;
  • The list of participants in the association together with the indication of the age of singers;
  • A colour photograph of the association;
  • A colour photograph of the leader;
  • Copies of the score for each works.
  • Video of competitive performance must be sent before March 10 by e-mail of the festival.



11. Accommodation, nourishment and the cultural program

11.1 The organisation committee, on the wishes of an association- participant can arrange the organisation of their stay, nourishment, transfer and cultural program with the presence of the corresponding claim and timely payment. An association- participant bears all expenses.



The Centre of creative development and musical-aesthetic education of children and youth – “Radost””

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Email of the organising committee of the festival:

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